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Accidents happen and it can be stressful not knowing what's happening behind the scenes regarding your accident report. It can take weeks to learn all the details reported by the police. That's why we created FREE Accident

FREE Accident helps you cut through the governmental red tape and avoid the bureaucracy. FREE Accidents Reports' goal is to discover the truth about what was written in your accident report and the information recorded on the scene.

FREE Accident will aquire your accident report for you so you know exactly what's going on with your situation. You then take the action needed to attain your peace of mind.

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Free Accident Reports created this service to help accident victims like you. Time and again, people are treated unfairly for their injuries, vehicle damages, car rentals and other losses. Estimates have shown that insurance adjusters only offer 20-30% of the actual value of your loss. Imagine being paid only $2,000.00 when you're owed $10,000.00. That's why they want you to settle your claim as fast as possible — to eliminate your ability to get what you deserve. That's just not right!

Sometimes innocent people won't start to experience pain for weeks or months after the accident. Be careful! Once you've signed away your rights, there's nothing you can do.

Free Accident Reports recommends that you don't speak with any adjuster or sign away any of your rights until you have had a chance to review your accident report.

Your free accident report reveals the narrative documented by the police, witnesses and other parties to the accident. One of the first things an insurance adjuster does is review the accident report. If it's important to them, it needs to be important to you! You deserve to know that the facts about your accident were recorded accurately. We recommend that you review your FREE Accident Report with an attorney to understand all the implications. Put your mind at ease knowing you took the proper precautions in securing your interests. Reviewing your accident report with an attorney only takes a few minutes but could prove to be invaluable.

What's your peace of mind worth?

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